At Danaher’s Timber and Hardware the opportunities are endless, none more so than the range of select products in the Garden Centre. The Garden Center at Danaher’s is not your everyday commercial nursery, we consider ourselves unique, passionate, insightful but most importantly committed to providing the highest service possible.

Our expertise extends way beyond that of extensive product knowledge, we consider our customers needs, and if we feel that there is an alternative product better suited to your DIY job, we see fit that we provide you not only with that product but the reasoning behind the selection. If you think our product knowledge is fantastic, wait until you see our selection of products, ranging from the smallest 4mm irrigation connection to the variety of large water tanks. However, when it comes to the garden department’s point of sale, nothing will surpass the vibrancy and natural beauty of the outdoor nursery. Stocking plants for all weather conditions, you’ll be sure to find that little gem for your garden.