Timber and Building Supplies:

Timber and Building supplies at Danahers is a large part of our business. We supply  builders, serious DIY’s and people who want a bit of wood about this long, and that thick, to fix a thing or anything else.


Building a house:

Stumps – concrete or cypress pine.


Bearers and joists – F17 hardwood makes a great sub-floor. Two pieces of 90x35 or 90x45 for bearers and 90x45 for joists. F17 makes a great start for chipboard flooring or strip floor. Better still, lay sheet flooring and put strip flooring over the top. This give you a solid floor and an easy deck to build the frame from.


House frame – walls and roof can be made the traditional method or wall frames and roof trusses.


Cladding – the house can be brick clad but you may consider weather boards in Timber (Baltic pine, treated pine, or cedar) or


Danahers supplies Pine framing, Treated pine, Cypress pine, Australian hardwood in select and structural grades and all timbers for house construction. We also supply all engineered timber products including laminated veneer lumber, I-Beams, and others. We can supply timber wall frames and trusses and windows in timber or aluminum.


Outdoor timbers:

Treated Pine –


Cypress Pine –


Decking -


Furniture timbers - Tasmanian oak & Victorian Ash, Jarrah (from Western Australia), Tasmanian Blackwood, Blackheart Sassafras and kiln dried Redgum.


We can deliver to all sites from one of the tipping tray trucks or crane deliver…. We have 3 utes for quick deliveries.


Danahers has a large range of Porta Mouldings to suit all requirements. We also cut sheeting to size and can dock, rip, dress and mould timber to your requirements.